Day 5

Name:__________________________________       Period:______     Date:___________          U.S. Civil War – Web Quest 


Directions: Go to the Gallup Mid Homepage ( Click the LIBRARY tab, then scroll down and select BENEDICT.

The links below are underlined, and in blue and match up with the links provided on the Library/Benedict page.


Part One: Notable Battles

5 Deadliest Battles of the Civil War – Read about each battle then answer the following questions.


1.       How many days did the battle of Gettysburg last?____________________________

2.       Which state had the highest number of casualties?________________________________________________________

3.       In which state is Gettysburg located?_______________________________________________________


4.       Which side “won” the battle of Chancellorsville?_________________________________________________

5.       Which famous confederate general died shortly after the battle (from a gunshot wound)?__________________________

6.       How many Union casualties were suffered at Chancellorsville?______________________________________________


7.       What does the Native American word Chickamauga mean?_____________________________________

8.       In which state is Chickamauga located? _____________________________________________

9.       Approximately how many Confederate soldiers were wounded in this battle? ______________________________________


10.    Over _________ deaths were caused by brush fire.

11.    The result of this battle is considered __________________________.

12.    Approximately how many casualties? _________________________

Spotsylvania Courthouse

13.    This battle began how long after the Wilderness Battle claimed 30,000 casualties? _________________________

14.    In which state is Spotsylvania? ________________________

15.    The result of this battle is considered __________________________.

The Battle of Antietam

Watch the animation of the battle of Antietam, and answer the accompanying questions. Click the play button when you are ready to proceed to the next slide.

16.    In September of 1862, why could Lee’s army not attack Washington yet?__________________________________________


17.    Briefly summarize “Lee’s Plan” in 2-3 sentences (the third slide). ________________________________________________



18.    During which days of September 1862 did Lee and his forces attack Harper’s Ferry?_________________________________


19.    On the page entitled, “The Race for Sharpsburg,” how many troops did McClellan believe the Confederate army had?


20.    Briefly describe what happened at approximately 10:00 on September 17? (Note: this slide says Sedwick’s Division is Flanked)._____________________________________________________________________________________________



The Battle of Wilson’s CreekVisit the virtual museum and select 3 artifacts to finish the chart below. (The first one is an example).

Object Seen in Museum

Relevance to Battle of Wilson’s Creek

Relevance to Civil War

Ex.)  Battle of Wilson’s Creek Sketch by

        Andrew Tinkham.


The sketch shows a map of the battle site.

It shows the impact of a battle from  one  soldier’s perspective.














Part Two: Gettysburg


Gettysburg Address – Read the speech then answer the following questions.

24.    Why do you feel that this speech resonates or stays with the American people so many years after its delivery?__________


25.    What line could be most relevant today?____________________________________________________________________


7 Things You Should Know About the Battle of Gettysburg: Read the article and answer the following questions.

26.    Why do many historians consider Gettysburg the “high water mark of the rebellion?”_______________________________


27.    What happened to many African Americans, whether enslaved or free, as the Confederate soldiers marched into Pennsylvania? _________________________________________________________________________________________


28.    What happened on November 19, 1863?___________________________________________________________________



Part Three: Civil War Civilians and the Parts They Played


Civil War Spies – Read the article then answer questions below.

29.    What were “sanitary fairs,” organized by Northern women?____________________________________________________

30.    List two contributions spy Belle Boyd made to the Confederacy:_________________________________________________


31.    List two contributions spy Elizabeth Van Lew made to the Union:________________________________________________



Part Four: Civil War Era Diseases

10 Surprising Civil War Facts – Read the article then answer questions below.

32.    What were the most prominent deadly diseases during the Civil War?____________________________________________

33.    Which side was affected by Malaria?_______________________________________________________________________


Part Five: Civil War Soldiers

Black Civil War Soldiers – Read the article then answer questions below.

34.    What was Frederick Douglass’ argument regarding African American soldiers and the Union army?_____________________


35.    What was the first African American regiment in the Civil War?__________________________________________________

36.    What was the discrepancy (difference) in pay for African American soldiers vs. white soldiers? ________________________

37.    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Part Six: Civil War Leaders


First watch the short video Grant or Lee?  Then read about both men in the article, Lee and Grant (be sure to read all four pages!) Finally, fill in the Venn diagram below, comparing and contrasting the two. List 3 distinct characteristics unique to each man (differences), then 3 traits they have in common (similarities).



 Grant both Lee