Day 3

   Exit Quiz 4-1/ Study guide            North vs. South                                Name ______________________

1.        Nick names of the North vs. South:  The Northern soldiers would most likely be called ______________________ while the Southerners would most likely be called _______________________.


2.        The president of the North is ________________________________ while the Southern president was ________________________________________.


3.       Identify the flags of each side below-  North --  South.



_________________________                                                                                        _______________________


4.        The start of the Civil War was on ________________________ at  Fort ____________________________.

5.       A war in the same country would be called a  _________________________.

6.       To leave or break up would be called _______________________________.

7.       The official name of the North would be ________________________________ while the official name of the South would be ______________________________________________________.